About Me

About Seyi

Seyi is a business leader with a passion for:

People: Helping individuals to discover and maximize their potential and helping organizations to manage their most important resource – People (Staff and Stakeholders)

Performance: Helping organizations achieve their corporate goals through effective and bespoke Corporate and Individual Performance Management.

Profitable Enterprises: Helping Entrepreneurs through their start-up and scale-up phases, leveraging my unique and diverse experience working for and with SME’s to help them navigate the challenging maze of entrepreneurship through strategy planning, developing product-solution fit and product-market fit, and building an agile, customer-centric, and profitable organization.

On a personal note, I am a daughter, wife, and mother to three adorable angels. I am the founder of the Pan Africa Women Empowerment Network (PAWEN), the Wise and Wealthy Woman initiative’s convener, and the Whole Woman podcast host.

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My Vision

I am passionate about Africa and I believe women hold the ace to the transformation that will shape the continent in the next decade.

The term – “A land flowing with milk and honey” as used in the bible refers to a land of Fertility and Abundance- and I believe that land is Africa.

Africa has the highest fertility rate- 4.1 births per woman, almost double its closest rival – Oceania (2.3 births per woman). There is no other continent in the world with the abundance of mineral and natural resources as well as the best of talent.

Yet, despite all of these, Africa is considered the poorest continent in the world.

For many decades, African countries have blamed their governments, waiting endlessly for “that messianic government” that will change its fortunes, yet this has not happened- why? Because no nation develops or transforms from the actions of its government alone. In every country that has experienced some form of renaissance or transformation, the growth or change did not happen because of government or politicians, change happened when empowered people, specifically Entrepreneurs, took action.

This is my vision and the foundation of all that I do, – To transform Africa by:

  • Building sustainable and profitable institutions
  • Empowering women in business and careers
  • Facilitating conversations, collaborations, connections and, capacity development initiatives that solve Africa’s “wicked” challenges.

The time is here, the time is now! To build people and institutions that will transform our continent. Would you want to join me on this journey? Send me an email