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On the 22nd of March, a few decades ago, thislittlegirl was born to this world.

Prior to her birth, her mother, who after facing an incredibly painful and prolonged labour for three days had to undergo an emergency c-section surgery to save both mother and baby.

Due to the trauma of labour, thislittlegirl  came to this world without the characteristic cry of a new born baby.

Whaaaat! No Cry???,
Medical team went berserk trying to resuscitate thislittlegirl  and as a means of last resort used a Cardiac defibrillator (in laymans terms electric shock) to bring her to life. This was followed by weeks of being in intensive care being fed through tubes connected to her head.

thislittlegirl  ‘s mother was counselled by the team of medical consultants that due to the trauma thislittlegirl  had gone through, her brain had been impacted which would impact negatively, her cognitive skills, developmental milestones and academic performance so thislittlegirl ’s mother should be prepared.

Contrary to the doctor’s predictions, thislittlegirl   grew to become very brilliant and intelligent little girl who was always top in her class, acing regional and international examinations and representing schools in debates and competitions.

thislittlegirl  grew up in very humble backgrounds, her parents struggling to give her and her siblings the best education and as such there were many hungry days. thislittlegirl ’s mother had to sell the only car she had so she could attend University.

Today, thislittlegirl 

  • Is a graduate of three top ranked institutions graduating with a Distinction in one of her degrees.
  • Has navigated leadership labyrinths successfully with truckloads of lessons learnt in the journey
  • Has fought and broken down gender stereotypes in her career maze and enjoyed a rewarding 20 year career with a track record of excellence rising to being appointed CEO of an outsourcing company before starting out to build her own institutions.
  • Is a global mentor working with governments, global institutions, charities and communities in three continents,
  • Has helped thousands of women globally, empowering them to maximise their potential, start and scale their businesses, future-proof their career and generally become wise, wealthy and whole
  • Has been recognised as a bold and audacious African business leader making significant impact in Business and Entrepreneurship by Tony Elumelu CON
  • Is an author of 5 books
  • Founded a not-for-profit Pan African Women Empowerment Network (PAWEN)which has empowered thousands of African women with the Competence, Confidence and Connections to lead and succeed in Business and in #careers all for free.
  • Is married with three beautiful children specially handpicked by God
  • Is still a little girl at heart fearlessly pursuing the future of her dreams.thislittlegirl  is Oluwaseyi (God’s wonderful creation)

    This little girl…. Is me

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