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I woke up this morning to the news of some certain couple setting Twitter NG on fire and whilst I wanted to just waka pass, I thought to take some moments to reflect on the lessons from this story for both employers and employees .

For Employers/ Business Owners:

  1. Ethics and Integrity:

The age long values of Ethics and Integrity hold true always. Integrity and ethics in dealing with ALL STAKEHOLDERS (Employees, Customers, Suppliers, Board etc) is non-negotiable. Convenient but dishonest routes to success may help businesses and entrepreneurs make some quick cash and even enjoy some short-lived fame, but you can NEVER build a sustainable business that can thrive through challenging times without these values.

  1. Marketing :

In this Digital and Social Media era, You can do any business, really. You just need to focus on your marketing and consumer behavior., Although only a product that provides REAL solutions to customer’s pain points will stand the test of time.

Also focus on and grow your own business. Don’t envy (or allow yourself get depressed or intimidated by) everything you see on social media. Don’t be deceived, not all that Glitter is Gold, especially on social media.

  1. Policies and Process Documentation:

Reading through the complaints by the employees or ex employees, it is clear to me that policies, processes and procedures may not have been duly documented , communicated and adhered to Every business owner MUST have a documentation of the rules and how-to’s that govern the employment relationship.

  1. Employee Experience:

Never loose sight on the #employeeexperience of your staff as it will make or mar your business. Listen to your employees and make necessary changes where needed.

For Employees

  1. Due Diligence:

Before going for any interview or accepting any offer, do your research and due diligence (both online and offline please ) on the organization. Be curious, ask questions, review every documentation that pertains to your employment contract.

  1. Know your worth:

Know your worth and the value you bring to be table. Refuse to be treated any less that whom you are. Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer genuinely serves you, grows you or makes you happy. If your current workplace has a Toxic culture, Invest in yourself, learn new skills and start taking small steps to get to where you want to be.

In other news, the market for background checks just got bigger with the recent trends on social media…#opportunities


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