"Behind every fearless player is a fearless coach who refused to let them be anything but the best they can be."

Matt Lisle


My one-on-one coaching slots for 2022 are full however, you can register for Ignite- A 12-week personal development mastermind for select 30 people who want to discover and develop their potential now, to achieve success in 2023

This is for the first 30 people only and closes once the 30th person has registered.

Clarity Convos

Are you feeling stuck, frustrated, too frantic, or confused on any personal, career or business-related issue? Talking it through can help. Simply a fresh perspective may be all that you need.I don't have all the answers! I'm not going to claim to; What I can offer you is my listening ear 👂, a sounding board and a safe space to discuss the overwhelm or confusion you're feelingto get you to a CLEAR target objective, perhaps a list of issues to address & clarify, and a roadmap to SUCCESS, whatever that might be.

You can book a 30-minute here or 60-minute clarity convo session here. These convos take place weekends only.


I provide Business Advisory, clarity, and insights to people and organizations leveraging on my vast experience working with and consulting for leading owner-managed businesses, entrepreneurs, and leading global brands. I consult on

Strategy planning and Execution

Entrepreneurship & Start-ups

People / Human Resources Management

To book any of my consulting packages, send me an email describing in detail the pain-point you would need me to address.

Corporate Engagement

Need me to speak at your event – Physical or virtual, deliver customized training for your staff, or engage me in other ways? Send me a Email.